DALLAS, TX — Fewer than 4 in 10 Americans have enough saved to to cover a $1000 unexpected expense.¹ Likewise, Americans borrow almost $200B annually from friends and family.²

In financial emergencies, there is limited consumer access to traditional lending options and no structure to automate loan repayment to friends and family. In this vacuum, predatory lenders charge exorbitant interest and prey on borrowers when they are most vulnerable.

Zirtue is a relationship-based social lending app that simplifies loans between friends, family and trusted relationships with automatic ACH loan payments. A more financially inclusive economy, especially for the underbanked and unbanked, is coming into being through Zirtue’s enterprise solution for borrowers.


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Dennis Cail | Co-Founder and CEO

Micheal Seay | Co-Founder and CFO

Airion Watkins-Clark | VP of Produts