ZeroCarb Lyfe

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a staggering 37.3 million individuals in the United States are affected by diabetes. For these individuals, the task of finding food that aligns with their dietary restrictions and simultaneously satisfies their taste buds can be an overwhelming challenge. Mohamed Aly, an experienced chef, found himself grappling with the same predicament upon receiving his own diabetes diagnosis. This personal experience served as a catalyst for his innovative creation of a carb-free pizza crust, comprising solely four ingredients: olive oil, salt, chicken breasts, and spices.

Under the collaborative efforts of Mohamed Aly and Omar Atia (a skilled food engineer) the brand ZeroCarb Lyfe has successfully incorporated the carb-free process into a diverse range of products, spanning from pizza to chips, to taco shells. By doing so, ZeroCarb Lyfe offers a revolutionary alternative that caters not only to individuals afflicted by diabetes but to all seeking to shed excess weight or simply lead a healthier life, while still relishing their culinary experiences. 


Americans find that losing weight feels as miserable as being overweight.


Projected Health and wellness food market size in 2026

30 years

Of cumulative experience in the food industry among team members

Omar Atia | Co-Founder and CEO

Mohamed Aly | Co-Founder and CCO

John Pena | CGO