Standard Carbon

ARIEL, ISRAEL — By 2040, global investment in energy grid storage systems is projected to surpass $71B USD.¹ Governments around the world are demanding power generations solutions that reduce carbon emissions while maintaining the reliability of the electrical grid. This increasing commitment to renewable energy is exemplified by the Israeli government’s 2020 announcement of a $22B plan to increase the use of renewable energy from 17% to 30%.²

Standard Carbon’s innovative power-to-gas technology was developed in Samaria and will address the multi-trillion dollar renewable energy market, especially in the developed world. Standard Carbon’s technology was born out of a partnership with Ariel University, and Standard Carbon engages with Israelis and Arabs to bring its unique technology to market. Standard Carbon’s growth will help the world bridge the renewable and combustion economies while creating shared prosperity for Israelis and Arabs in Samaria.


Global investment in energy grid storage by 2040³


Increase in grid storage investment projected


Plan in Israel to increase use of renewable energy