INDIANAPOLIS, IN — About a decade ago, the Near North Development Corporation, the community development corporation responsible for the Crown Hill neighborhood in Indianapolis, faced dire challenges in its service area. The crippling effects of the neighborhood’s high crime and poverty rates left many in despair about the future of Crown Hill. By 2017, the NNDC had maxed out of the limited supply of general contractors who were willing and able to build affordable residential housing in Crown Hill.

Revive was created to revitalize depleted communities by pairing new residential housing construction with increased access to adult education and social services. They elevate the urban living experience with entertainment and wellness projects. One home, one family, one community at a time. The NNDC and the Mapleton-Fall Creek Development Corporation both have awarded contracts and projects to Revive to increase the supply of affordable housing builders long-term.


Poverty rate in the Crown Hill neighborhood


Days without the murder of a young person in the Crown Hill neighborhood, celebrated on August 2, 2018.


new homes homes built in Crown Hill by Revive