Our Model

Commonwealth Impact Investing operates with three big goals 
in two lanes of action with two investment strategies. 

Three Big Goals

Demonstrate Excellence in Impact Investing – Commonwealth has developed the “Impact Triangle” to lead the national conversation on how to excel at impact investing and we operate the model in our CW City Fund. The triangle features three deal types: (1) Venture Philanthropy (2) Venture Capital and (3) Late Venture/Private Equity. 

Lead the Way in City-Based Impact Investing – Commonwealth was launched in Indianapolis, Raleigh and Tampa to create local networks of impact investors and entrepreneurs. We have since expanded to 15 cities in the Midwest and Southeast.

Advance Market-Based Solutions to the World’s Biggest Problems – Commonwealth produces research and serves a growing portfolio of companies to demonstrate that private enterprise is the only reliable solution to the greatest social problems.

Two Lanes of Action

CW City Fund

Commonwealth successfully raised $20M+ to fuel the expansion of COhatch in 15 cities to accelerate private sector and nonprofit entrepreneurship. We are now growing an impact investing network in each of those cities to fund venture philanthropy and VC/PE deals aimed at community renewal.

CW Ventures

Commonwealth sponsors select private offerings for companies advancing market solutions to the world’s biggest problems.

Two Investment Strategies

Special Purpose Vehicles – Rather than raising money in a single fund, we operate a series of special purpose investment LLCs allowing customization in economic and impact  strategies.

Blended Finance – Commonwealth has built systems to accommodate the full spectrum of capital: donations, charitable capital as investment, government grants, family office and institutional capital.

How Do We Define and Measure Impact?

Intentionality – We make impact definition an essential aspect of the diligence process.

Management – We support entrepreneurs in managing toward optimization of impact goals.

Measurement – We measure progress toward impact goals both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Transparency – We report impact outcomes to investors and the broader Commonwealth community.