ORLANDO, FL—the current fatalistic narrative for brain-based disfunctions convinces sufferers that improvement is unattainable. NESTRE founder Dr. Tommy Shavers experienced a decade-long mental and cognitive decline after suffering multiple career-ending concussions as a Division I college football player. Through his journey to recovery, Dr. Shavers discovered an efficient and scalable model to improve brain health, mental wellness and cognitive performance.

NESTRE is the first NEuro-STREngth company to leverage the science of neuroplasticity to apply a pioneering training method in the areas of brain health, mental wellness and cognitive performance. NESTRE’s first digital solution is a neuro-strength training platform which provides cognitive assessments and training to users. NESTRE’s mission is to help people get better by providing access to affordable solutions and instilling hope for recovery through proven science.


employee productivity cost each year due to mental health conditions.


increase in US spending on Mental Health apps from 2020


of exercisers say mental wellbeing top reason for exercising 

Dr. Tommy Shavers | Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Julius Thomas | Co-Founder & Chief Health and Performance Innovation Officer

Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg | Chief Scientific Officer