Israel Innovation Forum

From Start Up Nation to Scale Up Nation

The Israel Innovation Forum is being held in Q1 2024 to offer participants a behind-the-curtain look at the nation’s economic miracle and an investment opportunity to advance “tikkun olam” (to repair the world).

Through a series of pre-event online briefings and in-person meetings in tandem with the forum, our partners at Start Up Nation Central will help us understand how a country of 9 million people and only 70 years old produces more start-up companies than countries like Japan, China, India, Canada and the UK. This economic miracle is more dramatic considering the near-constant state of war and lack of natural resources. So what accounts for the success? We’ll consider the spiritual dimensions to this answer as well as the unique Israeli drivers of entrepreneurialism.

  • Two days of conversations with leaders of Tel
    Aviv’s tech sector
  • Meetings with high ranking government officials
  • A pitch competition at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem
  • Customized tour packages for participants to tour the Holy Land sites

We will host 60 minute zoom briefings each month August-January to prepare investors and participants. Invited speakers include the authors of Start Up Nation, PM Netanyahu’s advisors, experienced investors in the region and more.

Rivka Kidron is former advisor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu where she managed key relationships with Jewish and Christian leaders. Rivka was born in New York and made Aliyah to Israel as a child. She remains a resident of Israel though travels frequently back to the States in her capacity as co-founder of Passages, an education program for U.S.-based Christian students to discover the roots of their faith in Israel.

Jay Hein is former advisor to President George W. Bush where he served as director of the White House Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. He co-founded Sagamore Institute, an Indianapolis-based think tank, with US Senator Dan Coats. Jay also serves as managing director of Commonwealth Impact Investing. Commonwealth hosted the Israeli Palestinian Economic Forum in 2020 where we invested 1 million shekels in two companies co-owned by Israelis and Arabs.

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