Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning represent groundbreaking technologies reshaping our interactions with machines, enabling real time perception and analysis of dynamic environments. However, historically confined to data centers due to cost, computing requirements, and power consumption, these technologies have faced limitations. Enter Hailo, on a mission to make high performance AI available at scale, outside the realm of data centers. With the belief that AI holds the key to a better, safer, and more productive world, Hailo has pioneered the development of cutting-edge AI processors. These processors are tailored for edge devices, spanning diverse applications and markets. 

By making AI on the edge more efficient and affordable, Hailo enables customers to harness the power of neural networks and breath into a plethora of applications and edge devices, making people’s lives more convenient and productive, without compromising their privacy and security. 


amount the global AI market was valued at for 2023


more affordable than products of competitors


raised in their most recent fundraising round (April 2024)

Orr Danon | CEO

Avi Baum | CTO

Yaron Garmazi | CFO & COO