MIDDLE EAST—The MENA region has the highest rate of diabetes in the world and nine of the ten most obese countries in the world (excluding the Pacific Islands). More than 125 million people are overweight or obese making this issue one of the defining problems facing MENA governments, public health agencies, and healthcare providers.

Dawsat is the first AI-based wellness platform for the Arab world, based on the traditional Arab diet.  Thousands of people engage with Dawsat through online groups, healthy food subscriptions, a wellness app, and social media to achieve their weight loss and wellness goals.  As Dawsat’s growth accelerates because of the effects of COVID-19 and the Abraham Accords, more people than ever have the opportunity to improve their wellness using Dawsat.


annual MENA region government expenses related to diabetes healthcare



imposition of taxes on sugary drinks (Saudi Arabia & UAE)


projected size of UAE and Saudi Arabia weight loss markets by 2023 (CAGR +7.6%)