DELRAY BEACH, FL — With the advent of cloud computing, the complexity of modern applications increased dramatically. Many development operations engineers rely on Kubernetes, an open-source orchestration software for deploying, managing, and scaling containers. Yet, some surveys suggest that an astonishing 73% of companies using Kubernetes recognize they lack proficiency to minimize costs and maximize security.

Cuemby provides an autonomous platform (PaaS) with Kubernetes as the foundation to orchestrate and synchronize technology stacks. Clients retain 100% governance and, on average, realize a 3x return on spend. Further, Cuemby makes software careers more accessible to Spanish speakers in the United States and Latin America through its ongoing efforts to translate software standards into Spanish.


Of companies lack technical expertise


Average company savings through Cuemby in 2022

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Cuemby is among a select group of companies in the world certified as a Kubernetes Training Partner

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