Common Good Marketplace

UNITED STATES—Despite many headlines about the finance industry’s increasing focus on ESG criteria for investments, current impact identification, quantification, and verification have not innovated fast enough to keep up with investor demand.  However, as consumer, business, and government leaders commit to a new “stakeholder capitalism” the need for robust impact measurement only increases.

Common Good Marketplace emulates best practices from the rise of global carbon markets and offers an exchange designed to register and trade verified SDG-characterized assets, where market forces determine their true economic value.  This approach enables Common Good Marketplace to avoid the pitfall of impact washing and unleash the power of markets to create a more sustainable future for all.

1.16 Trillion

The size of the worldwide impact investing market in 2022


Carbon markets serve as a model for a marketplace for the “common good”

$53T +

Global ESG assets under management projected by 2025, a third of global AUM¹

Greg Spencer| Co-Founder and CEO

J Greg Spencer | Co-Founder and Chairman

Erik Katz | Chief Development Officer