After years of serving major brands, institutions, and communities a few seasoned executives gathered to design tools for enhancing lives and growing amazing cultures. The greatest felt need was to replace the archaic engagement survey with an authentic assessment tool to better equip leadership to serve their teams. This led to the creation of CHRP, a rallying cry for workplace flourishing. CHRP captures emotional sentiment through audio listening patterns of employees, providing accurate and actionable insights on corporate culture. By capturing and anonymizing the data found in music, podcasts and audiobooks, they can predict and help solve for balance, stress, motivation, and burnout.

CHRP offers a groundbreaking emotional assessment tool as a SaaS solution to enterprises. This patent-pending technology harnesses AI, music, and mental health analytics to give leadership a clear picture of their company’s emotional climate. The insights that CHRP provides gives employers not only the opportunity to hear but the opportunity to respond. Happier employees lead to healthier organizations and stronger bottom-line results. Healthier environments enable companies and employees to optimize their current and future successes.


is spent annually on employee engagement, reflecting the world-wide urgency of world-wide turnover and disengagement.


of workers in the United States do not feel heard in their jobs


Beta Clients. CHRP is refining their offering with 8 Beta Clients in 2024 and is swiftly concentrating on profitable segments.

Jeff Smith | Founder


SD Roy | Technology


John Stanley Jr. | Sales