Alex Cummings

Alex Cummings served as EVP and Chief Administrative Officer of the Coca-Cola Company and former head of its Africa Group. He also served on the board of Coca-Cola Consolidated in Charlotte. Today, Alex has returned home to run for president of his native Liberia. Alex and his wife Teresa also operate the Cummings Africa Foundation. Click here to listen to Alex’s vision for Liberia and click on the box below to meet Alex in Charlotte on September 18.

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Liberia Founded 200 Years Ago by Freed American Slaves

America began sending freed slaves to West Africa in 1820 as the first phase of its effort to end slavery. The freed slaves arrived on the shores of Providence Island. As Liberia formed as an independent state in 1847, other nations across nation began to aspire to their own independence that was finally achieved across the continent 100 years later. This special history makes Liberia a very significant connection for African Americans.

Rwanda Model for Liberia

After writing the Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren began searching for a humble yet results-oriented African leader who he could support with the book’s royalties. His thesis: of all the problems that plague the continent, the single biggest reason problems exist or get worse is Africa’s litany of corrupt leaders. When he discovered that Rwandan President Paul Kagame would feature trade over aid and put public interest above self-interest, he gathered dozens of faith-driven US investors and entrepreneurs such as Commonwealth advisor Dale Dawson to help drive the economy forward. Please click on the boxes below to learn more.