BWI Construction

ANDERSON, IN—In a city that has lost tens of thousands of jobs and residents since the 1970’s due to deindustrialization, BWI is sparking renewal.¹ A minority-owned real estate development and construction services company, BWI professionally develops mixed-use multi-family properties with reliable construction management. Often, BWI chooses to develop places avoided by other firms because its management follows a higher calling. Where others see problems, BWI sees potential.

BWI’s mission is to bring hope to underserved urban communities using economic development that aligns with local quality-of-life aspirations and collaborates with community partners. One of BWI’s latest projects is the 1202 Meridian complex. This is an energy-efficient and sustainable development that targets single parents who are seeking to become self-sufficient by obtaining a college degree.


Housing and Transportation cost at the Meridian complex is attempting to be no more than 45% of families’ income


Jobs created in an economically distressed


Affordable senior assisted living units at Sweet Galilee

1202 Meridian Complex