Highland Community Partners

Highland Community Partners

COLUMBUS, OH — Across the Midwest, a severe housing shortage limits the potential of individuals and communities. An adequate housing supply keeps prices in reach for first time homeowners and people of modest means. It enables employers to attract and retain talent and strengthens communities by providing the opportunity for people to live, work and play in the same town. Yet in Central Ohio alone, there is a shortfall of 8,000 new homes annually.

Highland Community Partners designs master-planned residential communities that provide a diversity of mid-priced, attainable housing for America’s workforce. Highland communities are thoughtfully designed, environmentally sensitive, intergenerational and connected. Highland focuses on the land design and entitlement process, working closely with local leaders to identify and meet the needs of that community. The result is stronger, flourishing communities.


U.S. housing market shortage


Flourishing hometowns in 
the next 8 years


Acres of greenspace to be developed

Scott Mallory
Founder & CEO
Highland Real Estate

Randy Loebig
President & COO
Highland Real Estate

Dr. Kevin Dudley
Executive Director
Highland Impact Foundation