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Better Communities.

CW City Fund

The CW City Fund is designed to use impact investing as a promising new pathway to building better communities across America.  Our investments prioritize three distinct yet essential goals—growth, inclusivity and sustainability.  Cities need to develop and reward entrepreneurial talent to increase prosperity overall and creatively advance enterprise solutions to poverty to ensure that all its citizens flourish.

Please click on the CW City Fund menu bar to see our work in a growing number of cities.  On each page, you will see the CW team advancing three lanes of action:

Investment: Commonwealth Impact Investments has made over $20 million in deals across a dozen cities.

Thought Leadership: Commonwealth’s scholars produce research, offer consulting services and provide advisory services to investors and entrepreneurs to renew their cities through impact investment.

Strategic Convening: Commonwealth hosts events in the cities to highlight best practices, build local ecosystems and leverage innovative practices for collective impact.

CW Ventures

CW Ventures was established to deploy the highest level of commercial excellence against the world’s biggest problems. Our first ventures took aim at helping close America’s wealth gap by investing in minority entrepreneurs, bring peace through shared prosperity by investing in Israeli and Palestinian co-owned businesses and increasing access to quality health care and mental health services that is increasingly unaffordable.

Please click on the CW Ventures menu bar to see our current ventures in development.  And please click on Our Companies page to see all our active investments organized in impact theme categories.

Our First 5 Years

Commonwealth is an uncommon investment company. We deploy capital and talent to help solve some of the world’s biggest problems. 

And while we seek alpha for our investors, we measure our success in how our investments benefit others.

Please read our 5 Year Report below to see how we’re attempting to push the highest arc of commercial excellence toward the highest point of mission impact.

Our Purpose

The world has never experienced so much prosperity nor faced so many massive challenges. Commonwealth harnesses the same entrepreneurial talent that creates wealth to create more opportunity for everyone to flourish.

Our Origin Story

Dan and Marsha Coats established the Foundation for American Renewal in 1999 to increase the understanding and practice of effective compassion in America. The foundation’s chief focus was bringing business techniques to America’s generous story of giving and serving.

Our Model

Commonwealth Impact Investing operates with three big goals in two lanes of action with two investment strategies.

Building Better Communities

Commonwealth hosted pitch competitions in Indianapolis, Tampa and Raleigh to demonstrate that investing at the local level is a premium strategy to achieve both impact and strong returns for investors.

Solving Big Problems

It’s the purpose of business to solve problems and the power of an entrepreneur to imagine a better future. To accelerate business as a force for good, Commonwealth has created a community of investors and entrepreneurs like Jaylon Smith.

Our Financials & Companies

Commonwealth is a equity or debt investor in companies achieving impact across seven domains and collectively manages $40 million.

Impact Stories

Watch Ruben Mauricio make the winning pitch at our Returning Citizens pitch competition.
Commonwealth invested $9 million in World Shoe this past January. Over the last 12 months the company has created over 1,000 jobs and deployed $6.5M in the Ghanian economy. Click to read our December newsletter which includes highlights from the factory's grand opening in October.
Watch our investment partner Jaylon Smith explain his commitment to closing the investment gap for minority entrepreneurs.
Commonwealth was built to help guide the fusion of commercial excellence with mission impact. The result is an uncommon investment company. Please take time to read through our July newsletter with our 5 year report.